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UPDATED 11/7/15: SyriaWeek DATE CONTROLs are here: SyriaWeek is now fully updated to allow users to manipulate zoom, location information, and display date for the situation in Syria from January 1st 2015 through the current date. You can view progress on additional updates, such as the time slider, at the Progress Preview page.

SyriaWeek.info compiles daily updates from a variety of sources to construct a highly detailed and viewer-interactive map of the Syrian political-military situation on a daily basis.

The map’s detail distinguishes between more than just regions – zoom in on any major city to compare the day’s events on a neighborhood-to-neighborhood basis. Monitor Syria’s daily status, zenga-zenga.

Also, unlike maps presented in major publications, SyriaWeek details events on a day-to-day basis for the highest possible accuracy.

The maps are intended to be compared, not just viewed separately; the 2014 maps are published as PowerPoints so that visitors can navigate along a timeline, and at their own pace; the 2015 map currently displays the situation in Syria as of just 4 days ago, but a time-slider is coming soon to allow viewers to compare events and control changes over time by sliding the time bar. A map key is included on each page to provide a general explanation of what each color signifies; thorough explanations, such as relative definitions of ‘Islamist,’ ‘major conflict,’ and ‘minor conflict,’ are provided on the methodology page.

The 2014 map pages are divided into two categories – regions and cities. All maps are screenshots taken from different zoom levels of a single map covering the whole of Syria. The maps were created using the CartoDB, a fantastic program that should be on the to-see list of anyone that liked this site enough to pay a visit.

The 2015 map updates daily, displaying the situation exactly 4 days prior to today. All 2014 presentations reflect the situation in Syria at four sections per month.